Why should you invest?
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The yield on deposits
from June 15, 2022 to December 15, 2022 was
deposit income
Kazakhstan stocks (KASE index)
from June 15, 2022 to December 15, 2022
in annual terms raised by
stocks income
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What are the investment opportunities?
Stocks are securities that represent ownership in a company and give the holder the right to participate in the company's profits. Stockholders can earn profits from the increase in the value of the stock and from the company's dividend payments.
Bondholders can earn profits in the form of fixed interest payments (receiving coupons) and may also earn profits from increases in the bond's value.
An ETF or exchange-traded fund is a portfolio of different securities put together by a team of professionals. Its purpose is to balance the income and risks of those securities.
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Key indicators
Торги на бирже KASE открываются через 9 ч 15 мин
Exxon Mobil Corporation
119,99 $
Netflix, Inc
580,00 $
Microsoft Corporation
442,73 $
АО "Народный сберегательный банк Казахстана"
17,70 $
248,00 $
Ford Motor Company
14,40 $
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Trading on international and domestic markets

In Kazakhstan stock market securities transactions can be conducted both on the KASE exchange (Kazakhstan Stock Exchange) and on the AIX exchange (Astana International Exchange), as well as off-exchange.

We also offer our investors an access to international exchanges such as London stock exchange, New York stock exchange, and others, with a selection of over 11,000 securities. Therefore, the advice of our specialists can be useful here.

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If your sum is over 30,000 US dollars (or its equivalent in tenge), you can use the service of "Trust Management"


We are experts in the field of investing in ETFs. Check out our selection of ETFs and our recommendations


It is a convenient tool for investors. The terminal allows you to buy and sell securities online, view current quotes, transfer money, place other orders and applications.

For legal entities

We provide a range of services for investing in tenge as well as dollars, for financing your business, including the organization of issues, the placement of debt and equity securities

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More than 100,000 requests for shares have been received so far According to Almasadam Satkaliyev, head of the National Welfare Fund Samruk Kazyna, Kazakhstanis have sent 128,700 requests for buying more than 8.8 million shares of KazMunayGas (KMG), a national oil company. The value of this set of shares is estimated at $159 million, the official said at the cabinet’s meeting. In general, the company offered investors to buy about 30.5 million common stocks for $546.7 million. This means that demand from retail investors accounts for 30% of the entire initial offering.
10 апреля 2023 | Kursiv Media
You can help protect your portfolio against large drops in the market and also potentially boost your portfolio's value through diversification.
10 апреля 2023 | schwab.com
Stock markets turned increasingly volatile in March amid turbulence in parts of the banking sector. Even so, US and European markets still ended the month in the green, after the authorities took swift action to contain problems at Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse1
10 апреля 2023 | Fidelity.co.uk
11 мая 2023 | NBRK
A lack of IPOs from new market entrants may be good news for companies that are already entrenched in their industries, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Monday. As incumbent companies see no new competition to their stocks, they will be poised to win, Cramer predicted.
10 апреля 2023 | CNBC.com
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Kaspi.kz will buy GDR with the help of J.P. Morgan Securities Plc (JPMS), which will buy GDR in the market and then sell it to Kaspi. The two companies have already cooperated this way before when J.P. Morgan Securities placed Kaspi’s GDR on the LSE and bought out its shares. The current buyback program started on March 22 and will last until July 21, the company said in a statement.
10 апреля 2023 | Kursiv Media
In January 2023, the KASE index grew by 1.5% and reached 3,299.91 points. In December 2022, this rate showed a 6.1% growth, according to the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). Five stocks of the index reported positive results in January.
10 апреля 2023 | Kursiv Media
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Access to trading from any device
The trading terminal works on mobile devices with Android, IOS, as well as on laptops and desktop computers.
Unique products
Based on the investment term and amount, we select the appropriate stocks or ETFs both on Kazakhstan stock exchange and on other stock exchanges around the world.
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We list stocks and bonds quickly and our commission fees are below the market average.
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