Management of investment portfolio
If you have a sum of more than 30,000 US dollars (or its equivalent in tenge), you can become a user of a service called "Trust Management". This service is designed for investors who, for various reasons, do not have enough time to participate in transactions and do not have the time and opportunity to constantly monitor current trading ideas. For such investors, it is very convenient to entrust the management of their assets (investment portfolio) to a professional manager (licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan for investment portfolio management activities), having set certain investment boundaries (specified in the investment declaration). The investor receives regular reports from the manager. The manager's remuneration depends directly on the income from the investment portfolio.

At the request of the investor, it is possible to form a portfolio consisting only of foreign financial instruments with elements of hedging (protection against price decline risks).

If you are interested in this service, we invite you to a meeting with a portfolio manager
  • The agreement for the management of the investment portfolio - download
  • The list of documents required for identification purposes in order to conclude a contract - download
  • List of documents required for Counterparty identification - download
  • Rules of the closed-end mutual investment fund of risky investment "FF NON Public" - download